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Tongue scrapers are handy tools most people don’t even know about. This is unfortunate because tongue scrapers can help the oral and overall health as well as help maintain a fresh and pristine breath. If you’re wondering how this is the case, Dr. Ernesto Prida and our dental team would like to elaborate by sharing some fun tongue scraper facts.

Tongue scrapers can help improve bad breath. Oftentimes bacteria gather on your tongue and create an odor. When you use a tongue scraper, it removes those bacteria and freshens the smell of the breath.

Tongue scrapers can boost the flavor of the food you eat. This is because mucus and bacteria gather on your tongue and cover the taste buds, which can make it tough to taste food. When you clean your tongue with the scraper, it will remove the mucus and your taste buds will be exposed.

Tongue scrapers can also boost your health. This is because your body oftentimes absorbs the bacteria and toxins on your tongue. If the bacteria on your tongue get washed away regularly, the toxins don’t get absorbed by the body. Another way this helps your body is by removing the bacteria before they get the chance to attack the teeth.

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