When preparing a patient for dentures, Dr. Ernesto Prida may recommend alveoloplasty in Edinburg, Texas. This surgical procedure will smooth your jawbone to ensure proper fit of your dentures. Alveoloplasty may be needed when a tooth has been extracted or lost. Our dentist may even perform this surgery at the same time that a tooth is extracted. A lost or extracted tooth causes a hole in the jawbone that can result in high or low spots in the bone. The uneven bone can make it difficult for dentures to fit correctly. Sore spots may occur because the dentures will rub against high spots in the bone. Alveoloplasty prevents this by smoothing and evening out your jawbone.

A model of your jaw may be made before surgery to aid our dentist during the procedure. The model will be ground down in the places where bone will be removed. A clear stent, or model of the filed down cast, is made. This stint is used during surgery to ensure that our dentist has removed the right amount of bone. Your jaw will be tender for about a week after the procedure. Take painkillers that our dentist prescribes and follow any other instructions given.

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